Games Features

Bonus Engine

LottoYard offers a Bonus Engine that works across all the lottery games offered, and across all playing platforms. When users complete specific actions within a pre-determined time or other parameters, they are offered special bonus rewards. Bonus systems offer an additional incentive for players to join your site and to complete the required actions within the set timeframe. A bonus may be offered on various actions done by the players, such as when players buy a specific number of lottery tickets or make a pre-determined number of deposits within the required time. On our platform you will have the freedom to define, per your lottery business, the set of actions that will generate a bonus for your players.

Loyalty Plan

LottoYard allows you to choose a customizable loyalty plan to offer your customers. Loyalty plans help you show your customers that you appreciate them. Customers are encouraged to be loyal to your site because they are rewarded as returning players. When lottery tickets are purchased, loyalty points are awarded and accumulated. Once customers have accumulated enough loyalty points, they can be redeemed as either bonuses or discounts on your lottery site.

Multi Draws

Customers can pre-purchase a number of lottery tickets that have pre-selected numbers. The selected numbers are then entered automatically to the customers’ selected lotteries. The Multi Draws offer players the chance to buy lottery tickets for a number of lotteries at a discounted rate. The rate varies depending on the number of tickets purchased.


LottoYard offers a lottery subscription. A subscription is a service to players to ensure that they never miss a lottery draw. Subscription tickets are processed as a recurring purchase. Customers can play the same set of numbers per each draw that takes place by easily selecting this option in the shopping cart.


LottoYard offers you the choice to bundle a number of lottery tickets together into a single package. Our product also allows you to make up bundles of a few different lotteries with a choice of auto picked personal lines and shares in a group. Customers can purchase bundled tickets at a special price that is predefined by you.