Our Games


We offer easy access to a number of leading official lotteries via a single website/API. Players can purchase lottery and raffle tickets of the most popular official lotteries from around the world, including lotteries from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. The lotteries can be easily accessed via your website/App using a drop down list directly from your home page or any specific page. Players can make the choice to pick their own lucky numbers if they wish to do so, or they can increase their odds of winning by joining a syndicate in which the participating players will each hold a share of a group of many lottery lines/tickets. We offer many combinations of number of lotteries together and also a bundle of personal and syndicate purchase. Our product team develops smart and new combination of lotteries and products every quarter based on the experience they gather from all systems with a goal of increasing the attraction of the clients.


Live Lotteries

Lottoyard runs live lotteries throughout the day, every single day of the week. There are number of games offered, with a new game beginning every few minutes. The excitement of live lottery draws throughout the day is a big incentive for players to visit your site and stay online.

Scratch Games

Players can choose from a good variety of scratch card games that cover a number of different themes that appeal to a wider audience. These lottery side games bring in additional revenues for operators, and help to keep players engaged on your site. The games are designed to help boost conversion and retention (players’ value) by keeping players on your site for longer periods of time. The scratch games offer additional entertainment alongside the live lottery draws and regular lottery ticket purchases.

Side Bets

Operators can offer their players the additional choice of making lottery side bets. The side bets add a different dimension to the world lotteries that are available on your personalized lottery site. As with other side games, side bets offer your customers extra entertainment and will help with customer retention at the same time as increasing profits.

Offline Machine

In addition to our online lottery products, Lottoyard offers an offline machine. The touch screen lottery e-kiosk is set up to sell world lotteries tickets in land-based locations. Users can buy lottery tickets by choosing a personal line in which the customer picks his own line numbers. The e-kiosk allows users also to take advantage of joining a syndicate in which players purchase a share of a group. When purchasing lottery tickets via our offline machines, customers will receive a receipt to confirm both the ticket purchase along with their selected numbers.