Platform Features

Ticket Scan

When customers purchase lottery tickets from your site, after filling out the payment form, the ticket is printed and bought automatically with our agents. After doing so, the tickets are scanned, and then posted automatically to your customer’s online lottery account on your site, adding transparency to the purchasing process.


You, and even your customers, can choose whether you wish to have the tickets physically purchased, or have them insured by a professional insurance company. In case you choose not to buy the tickets, but simply to insure the winnings, then the winnings will be paid by the insurance company to you or directly to your customers..


This option combines both the ticket scan model and the insurance model, letting you enjoy the benefits of both. The hybrid solution helps maximize profits while minimizing costs.

Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

In order to protect your brand against fraudulent transactions, LottoYard offers a number of different flows for risk management and fraud prevention. Our fraud prevention measures will block suspicious transactions, such as when an attempt is made to use a single credit card to open multiple accounts.

Processor Support

LottoYard offers a number of choices when it comes to processing funds. We accept a large choice of payment processing companies including both credit card transactions, and e-wallet solutions. We help you to manage your processing activity in the most efficient way, while maximizing approval ratio and minimizing cost.

API Integration

Using our full API suite, you can add new official lotteries to your site with ease. Our powerful tool set gives you the ability to control payment options for your customers, and allows you to set your own pricing structure. In addition, you will be able to fully control the various products you sell on your site and the various types of bonuses and incentives you want to give your customers.

Gambling Sub-License

Our clients can make use of our platform’s gambling license by operating under a gambling sub-license. This removes the need to deal with the expense and bureaucracy of applying for your own license.


We provide our clients with accessible analytics that are reliable and up-to-date. Our analytics program looks at the amount and type of traffic you receive. We then generate reports based on this data in order to help you understand the best place to invest your marketing funds. We also provide useful information from analytics collected from our entire lottery platform. Understanding your customer base, along with the broader lottery customer base, will help you to expand your business.